Searching for cPanel hosting


I'm looking for a hosting solution with these specs: 25GBs - space, 700Gbs - transfer!
any experience with web hosting?
I have found them via google search and their hosting plans and price for them meet my needs.
So, are they trustworthy? What should I know before choosing a host?
Nice host. service is good value, and is exactly as good as my pre-research showed, and the only time I had a problem, I spoke with an intelligent and friendly rep who fixed it for me. It's even a provider that has made some effort at being sustainably powered!


Have a look at plans from and
Very simple and straight forward, I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a simple way to host any service, site, app and whatever.


Services from and are worthwhile.
Their services are really fast and they are ready to support you 24/7.


Services arre full-featured and affordable.
I totally recommend this hosting for any starting a website. I mean the loading speeds are insanely fast!


Accounts from and are good enough to satisfy all your needs.
Excellent - say no more! They are fabulous service, community and I have learnt so much from support. They are always there to help. Their technical support is amazing.