Any expert's help to choose the host?


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I know that location of the server matters.
So I wanted to ask which providers are good for US audience and which one for Eastern Europe?
I was suggested to check hosting solutions.

In your opinion are they good? Or which ones can you recommend as well?


It's a nice web host because they offer a wide range of plans for each kind of users. is well priced and within everyone's budget. So far they have been excellent.


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As I know, is a professional web hosting provider. Everything works fine.
This is a straight-forward, easy to use service provider. Tech support is quick and reliable. Recommend their services!


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I have dedicated server hosting with and their technical support team is always willing to help.
Never have downtime, the price is reasonable. I'm very satisfied with the fast and accurate technical help, ease of use and wide service offer


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I always look for a few things: Reliability, Support/Knowledge, Price - you get what you pay for really.
My experience using has been phenomenal, to say the least. Their US servers will serve your demands.
The servers are always fast, issues are resolved promptly and pricing is perfect.